Fempowered Board

Female business network and support groups

As a business owner, do you agree with any of the following?

  • I sometimes feel a little isolated running my business
  • I get creative block when I’m trying to think of new ideas
  • I am unsure of the right direction for my business
  • I wish I had a support network to bounce ideas off
  • I am facing challenges which I am unsure how to solve

Being a small business owner is incredibly rewarding, but it can be a lonely and daunting place when you’re faced with challenges or creative block. Fempowered Board brings together business owners in a monthly structured group session to support each other, share knowledge and bounce ideas off one another.

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Fempowered Board Update

Fempowered Board will be re-launching later in 2021. Please add your details to the form below and we will update you as soon as we start releasing more dates.

“Sophie is always a great host and I liked that the group was small so we got to know each others business quite well and felt able to offer a more tailored advice. It was encouraging that a couple of us had similar issues so we know we’re not the only one struggling with that one factor. Everyone was really polite and positive and I’d be happy to chat to any of them again, either in a meeting or otherwise :)”

Diane Wass, The Acorn Gallery

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Fempowered session. It was so refreshing to speak to like-minded women. So many of us are spending so much time in our home and miss the connection from other women. I felt so postive and am looking forward to the next meeting. Everyone had amazing advice which I’ve already taken on board. Thank you.”

Sallyanne McCrory sat at a wooden table with arms foldedSallyanne McCrory, Holistic Kitchen

“I’ve just had my first session with The Fempowered Board and took so much wisdom from the excellent advice of other female business owners. I’ve taken part in many networking groups, however, the Fempowered Board is a completely different concept. It’s a non-judgmental safe space to bounce ideas and seek advice from other solo business owners. As someone working alone from home, having this platform feels like an extended team. I am thoroughly impressed and look forward to my next session.”

Charlotte Goss, Charlotte Goss VA

How will I, and my business, benefit?


Become part of structured, productive group sessions that give you fresh ideas


Stop feeling isolated or alone in your business


Gain impartial and confidential advice from experienced business owners


Build a network of like-minded businesswomen


Gain outside perspective on your business to help with direction and clarity

Frequently Asked Questions

Each member of the group will be given a chance to talk about their business and any challenges or ideas they have. Everyone will be encouraged to chip-in and offer their input to help you move forward. The meeting is well structured and fast paced, allowing everyone time to present a challenge, ask questions and receive advice.

There is also a chance in every session to take the spotlight and talk about your business, success story and passions with the aim of inspiring others.

The board sessions are aimed at female business owners and leaders (decision makers). We always try to mix the group to include people from different backgrounds and experience levels. Our sessions are inclusive no matter what your experience.

We aim to keep the groups the same for a number of weeks, so that we all get to know each other and build trusting relationships that will benefit your business.

Meetings typically last 2 and a half hours – but we always allow extra time at the beginning and/or end for chatting, networking and getting to know each other.

Once you become a member, you will be able to attend a monthly board meeting. You will also get a monthly call with our Fem-founder and marketing coach Sophie.

Your first session is free. Get in touch with our team to find out if membership is right for you – and we will talk to you about costs. Call 01759 283107 or email sophie@fempoweredcollective.co.uk

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